touch to feel


Touch To Feel


Fall 2018 — Collaboration with Peaches Harrison

Touch to Feel is a game played between partners in couples therapy which aims to use creative touch and play to improve tactile literacy and intimacy. Through a low stakes expression of emotions through touch, a dialogue is created to share in a non confrontational way.


Users: Couples in Therapy

When designing a game that requires players to touch, there are issues and opportunities regarding consent, individual touch thresholds, and appropriateness of touch. While these issues and opportunities would be interesting to address within a game about tactile literacy, they would also require highly individually curated actions and limits. We chose our user group because a couple in counseling is presumably in a consensual relationship and physical touch is considered a need rather than a hindrance or trigger.


How To Play:

  1. Player 1 draws an emotion card, reads it to themself and interprets its meaning

  2. Player 1 touches Player 2 in a way which expresses this meaning 

  3. Player 2 guesses what Player 1 is trying to communicate

  4. Player 1 reveals what was on the card; Player 2 is given the opportunity to touch Player 1 the way they would have interpreted the emotion card drawn.

OPTIONAL: Draw body cards to determine where on the body to touch and what body part to touch with